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Unique brand positioning for your product and service is essential to ensure the success of your business. Strategically placed visual clues in your marketing collateral play fundamental roles in your customer’s purchasing decisions. Your marketing efforts ought to be recognisable too, as part of your brand.

The idea is to create a solid branding concept based on your company’s products, services and values, at the same time, keeping it interesting and consistent throughout all of your communication projects.

Indeed, logo plays the main element of your branding. It is crucial to have eye-catching graphic elements that can support your logo too, to produce the maximum visual effect.

These elements should clearly define your logo positioning, establish a colour palette that makes your logo stand out, select typography consistent with your logotype and many other rules and standards.

Once all of the above are established, we will then create a PDF document that clearly summarizes all of your branding standards and guides. This is called “Brand Guidelines, crucial in keeping things consistent throughout all of your marketing collaterals.

Branding / Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is a manual containing guidelines for corporate identity applications. It is a corporate identity management tool. It is used to ensure correct application of the corporate identity following its implementation.

Consistently communicating the brand platform at every level of interaction with customers is key to increasing brand engagement in a saturated marketing landscape. Psycho-sensory research tells us that the majority of information is communicated through nonverbal or sensory channels. A clear, coordinated visual identity is therefore critical to formulating and executing a successful brand-building strategy – one that reinforces brand perceptions and manages audience motivations and expectations.

As the symbolic representation of a brand, its character and its fundamental principles and values, a logo is the single most important graphic element and serves as the visual signature of the brand. A style manual establishes the usage preferences for logos, word marks, icons, tag lines and other identifiers. These include consistent positioning, orientation, proportional relationships and minimum size requirements, as well as color and style variations and logo configurations as they apply to every situation. A style guide will demonstrate the process for determining clear space requirements around the logo to optimize visibility and deliver the most meaningful and intelligent targeted impact. In addition, a style manual will provide examples of the correct use of trademarking, registration marks, company boilerplates, copyright statements and disclaimers across marketing materials intended for internal, external and international distribution.


Itspeak equipped with a team of skilled designers and professionals who are well versed in most designing jobs. They offer you exciting packaging design ideas that will grab the shopper’s attention and inspire the customer to buy your products. We are committed in creating packaging design solutions that exploit your products appeal and effectiveness with the combination of proficiency, coupled with the sophisticated technologies and up to date digital printing solutions, we create attractive packaging designs. On-time delivery and consistent high quality are important elements that make a packaging design program successful. We are able to handle every aspects of your packaging design program. We guarantee you that your packaging design will certainly stand out in crowd and make a long-term impression on your audience.

Web Design & Development

We develop dynamic, cost effective, and easy to use websites for companies around the globe. We love to help small businesses establish or improve their image and web presence, but whether your company is large or small, we have the time, expertise, and creativity to be an integral part of your web marketing solution. Being a small business, we know that timelines and budgets are important and not an optional guideline to follow, we respect your time and your budget. We don’t re-invent the wheel for every website design project, and always leverage open source technology and solutions whenever appropriate to keep your costs low. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. Let us be your website design company.


Best creative design company. Itspeak has designed a logo for one of our companies, Acacia Media Production. They has a real touch of creativity that matched our expectations and served our purpose.


Khairul Mazwan | MaGiC
I have worked with itspeak for more than 2 years, and he has designed collaterals for our programme that targets university students. They truly understands the youth mindset and our programme requirements, and has come up with winning concepts that delivers the core messages that we want to the youth through his innovatively beautiful designs. They are dedicated to deliver the best and it is a pleasure to work with them. That’s why we keep itspeak in our favourite design company’