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Itspeak studio was established in March 2005 by Nor Azrin Karim. He realized that there was a great potential in the market at the time and a huge demand for multimedia and graphic design works.

The name `Itspeak’ is a combination of the term `Information Technology’ and ‘speak’ is a form of communication that conveys branding. The intention is to create harmony between the IT environment and the right branding practices.

ITspeak is a personalized and focused service ‘centre’ on a customer’s requirement and need to ensure their products remain competitive in this challenging global environment. The combination of a detailed process, broad experience and expansive creative vision enable us to create solutions that are innovative, usable and reliable, yet relevant to a client’s market.

We maintain excellent ongoing relationship with our customers across the globe, some of which are well-established companies. At the same time, deepen our knowledge and expertise in the industry and kept us abreast with the latest trend within the industry and newest customers need.




Enthusiastic and a professional designer with well experience in designing. He is quick to grasp new idea and concept, and provide innovative and creative solution to problems. Azrin works well on his own initiative and demonstrates high level of dedication & motivation towards his work, at the same time, capable of meeting the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, he possesses a strong ability to perform effectively. He is able to address commercial projects successfully while fulfilling a client’s need; even the most demanding of clients.




Talented and versatile writer, proficient in various forms of communication. Produce a wide-range of writing services to various clients, businesses, publications and websites , including: news articles, reports, writing prompts, presentations & press releases.  More than 10 years of experience in writing; including creative copy for direct response markets and promotional advertising, also produced material for newsletters, brochures and flyers. Authored essays and articles for publication, in print or the Web. Enthusiastic and creative customer-focused writer, adept at details and producing only first-rate work. Tremendous integrity and common sense.